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Just Let It Go
Future Unknown
What's Fair
I Worship You
Damage Inc.
Better Off
I've Suffered Long Enough*
Never Meant
Oh My Goth!*

Cyberium Back to the top of the page.

Feel like jumping when you set the plank like I'll dive right down to hell
Feel like jumping when you tighten the noose, slip anyway, ring a bell?
Feel the pressure as the monkey mounts and he's fed along the way
Feel the absence, the void, the hurt, but I still decide to stay

I have the answer, I have the cure
I have the remedy, I will endure

Don't mind choking when you're gripping tight and the only thing left is me
Don't mind hanging when tonite aint right, did it as many times as I've breathed
Don't mind putting my neck on the line to feed him and not to see you bleed
Don't mind taking my punishment even though I'm not guilty

Why do you scream with all your might when your screaming to nothing
Why do you fear when I turn out the light when its not out of reach
Why do you rave about stupid lies when there's no truth left in these
Why do you cum before I start I'm not even in your panties

Black Back to the top of the page.

Feeling the kiss
Enchanted by pain
Burned by the touch
Immortal by flame
Out of control
Released of the fear
Tempted by thought
Invoked by the fear

Painted with the eyes of gloom
Glorified with fate and doom
Masked behind the idol Christ
Blackened thoughts beyond our sight

Injected with poison
Craving for more
Induced by the body
Evening the score
Wet by emotion
Slippery in vain
Joy in destruction
Happiness in pain
Sensitivity extreme with lust
Accepting every inch
Penetrate we must
Eternal thoughts prevail
Deep inside my head
Driving beats through graves to dance among the dead.

Control Back to the top of the page.

She’s mass destruction
Forces induction
No repercussions
She’s got to have one

Through repetition
Brings joy by friction
She never wanted
She never wanted

She rules desire
By force of fire
This violent mind
This violent mind

No conversation
Just pure deception
Pure lust defined
Pure lust defined

Sharp execution
Extreme exertion
Never exhaustion
Just pure addition

No confrontation
No blank permission
She can’t control
She can’t control

Her exhibition
Raw as it could be
Her deprivation
I never could believe

This malediction
No where to run
The painful truth is that
It exists in everyone

Can’t find the escape
Search for the outbreak
No way to terminate
No way to terminate

Too overwhelming
Too overpowering
Desecrate, violate
Excruciate, dominate

N. D. NYL Back to the top of the page.

I made up those lies
I could not deny
I made Mary cry
She wants him to die
You said you don't care
You said life was fair
You said you don't blame
You said I should say
I said not to cry
I said not to lie
I said not to show
I said not to go
I wanted to go
You wouldn't say no
You left when I'm down
I hate being in hell
You said you'll be fine
You said you'll be mine
You said I'll be fine
You said you would please
I'm down on my knees

Just Let It Go Back to the top of the page.

Letting things go when all [unidentifiable name] needs is some attention
Always saying no when all he needs is some affection
Loosing my mind over the way everything in my life is run
Taking the blame when I suffer all that was done
Just let it go (Don't come for me, Just stay away & let me be)
Hiding the fear that our fear is the reason you won
Holding within my intention was never to run
Building a plot to avenge my unfortunate fate
Going against all the things that you fucking hate
Just let it go (Don't come for me, Just stay away & let me be)

Preacher Back to the top of the page.

Your lies have brought me to extinction
Your lies have brought me endless pain
Why live off misunderstanding
Taint what's called "the golden rule"
Your misguided faith has run you through

With the horde of followers you have taken
Taken every bit of trust they need
Disguised behind the book of being
Disfiguring the word in meaning
Masked and blinded, it's not what it seems
Disillusion haunts the mind, I'm weakening
Take my soul, release me of this shame
Pull me up against the grain
Smash me through my hollow grave
My fate concealed, I'm ready to believe

Future Unknown Back to the top of the page.

I deceive you - innocently
I receive you - patiently
Who do you think I am?
Is Billy Boy really a man?
First impressions taunt the air
The truth within unfolds despair.

I'm weakening
As always just some more
Don't know what to do about this dead man on the floor
Leave on the mask and scream inside
I thought I heard a cry
I guess I'll play along with this game
I've got nothing left to hide

Feel my world has gone astray
You should've known.
Fear the love won't go away
You should've known.

I command you - to set me free
I demand you - to let me be
Freedom security lies
Who'd think I wouldn't open thine eyes
Pressure builds as I begin to tie
This thin rope around the sky

What's Fair? Back to the top of the page.

You said I hurt you
The pain I feel still burns
You said I neglect you let things by with no concern
You said that I don't care
What the hell do you want from me?
You said I ruined you
Don't you see what you've done to me
You said I wasted
These years gone down unjust
You fucking tasted
And left me in the dust
You said you hate me
You should have left me behind
The fact is you've mistook me
Now there's nothing left to find
When I fill you up, I cheat myself
When I start you up, I beat myself
When I let you go, I kill myself
Can you rip me from this hell
It's only fair!

Forlorn Back to the top of the page.

Everyday I live in pain,
This whole situation has gone insane
Exit stage left when the way is clear,
But nothing's right and no one's near
As my soul creeps towards the flame of the unholy.
Oh, what a shame!
The black gets darker, the world gets bluer,
My peace of mind gets fucking greyer.

You breathe not air but the scent of the kill,
If follows your ass like a shadow of guilt.
Truth lies with whatever you find,
Yet clouds your vision like you are blind.

You fell to your knees as you wept
Tears unworthy of being kept.
Confusion: the only state of mind to live by
With understanding.

Overflow Back to the top of the page.

Weak Child
Cries Never Heard
Deep Pain
The Kind That's Easily Ignored

Can’t get my thoughts across to tell you
Torture intensifying inside
Dense liquid pain fills my prison cell
This overflow’s my personal hell

Forever Haunting
As the sword thrusts through my chest
I direct, inject for pleasure

Don’t know why self immolation
Tempts me, it’s something I can’t explain
As I step out to the edge
This overflow’s up to my head

The dark comes dressed
In a lavish winter gown
Laced with the rays of the sun
Shined with the glaze of the moon
Taketh hand in hand
Escort the fluid to your land
My pleasure awaits temporary escape
My cell will fill once again
But until then

Caught Back to the top of the page.

Quiet! I'm thinking. It's kind of difficult
I can't hold up the conversation
It's difficult to sympathize
My need to resuscitate intensifies
The bolt thrust sharp between
My eyes. Inside I crumble, perishing
Intentionally, explicitly
There's nothing I can do.
Nothing I can do. Nothing I can …Do!

4, 3, 2, 1 Boom! Explosions
Deep inside my head
It feels as if a tank just fucking tore apart
My insides sometimes I wish that I was dead
It's me who's ping ponging back and forth
Across this empty space
I'd rather be slammed by two
Than to take any more so what's the use
So what's with you!?

I never said I'd take you down there
Never said I'd see it through
Yet shit just happens
I'll never know what fucking hell
Has put me through
I guess that I deserve the beating
The kind that's not intentional
Why must I do only the things that please me
There's definitely no escape, I'm caught!

I'm caught, caught in the middle

Master Back to the top of the page.

Take this, you know what I want
You take what you need
I'll give you whatever it takes to get you off
The chains that hold you to your life
You live with no direction
I can grant you the addiction
Orgasmic constant pleasure
From fucking pain

Beg to your Master

Flee from Reality
Fantasy, hardcore relief
Leave it all behind
Don't let that mother fucker rape you blind
Let me dominate you
Take control of every avenue
This is what you deserve
This is what you deserve

Beg for me I give you what you need
Cut and bleed ritual's come hither creed
Break away pleasure awaits your heart
Rush inside before it tears you apart

Right now degeneracy takes control of your mind
Immortal thoughts encompass all that you'll find
Just follow your emotions
Let the rest take direction
Fall into my world
Crawl into my world

Crawl into my world
Fall into my world

I Worship You Back to the top of the page.

Meet me in my lust lair
I'm slave at your request
Your dress. My dress will tear
You know you're with the beat

Tie me down I'm helpless
Blindfolded and gagged
Force the blade against my throat
Lick the blood against the edge

I'll gladly lick you down there
Scratch welts upon your back
I burn you with black candles
Claw as I attack

I'm broken - possessed
Empowered - undressed
I worship you

I thrust your dripping heaven
Cry out while I perform
Plunge in through the back side
As you quiver and squirm

Ride me and I'll help you
Get rid of your despair
Strangle me I want to
Breathe in to resurrect

Nightmare Back to the top of the page.

I wake to a wasteland
I try to understand
Hates me, everyone
Satan's got a gun
I'm skinned by my thoughts
Raped by every God
Left without everything
Feeling so alone

I'm haunted ever time
I fucking close my eyes
I feel the evil force
Eat at me rotten corpse
I break down in dismay
Crumble and decay
Worst of this monstrosity
Is that this is fucking reality

Wake me up or I'll lose my mind
This nightmare's draining me inside
Terrified to close my eyes
This nightmare makes me wanna die
When will I wake?

I wake in boiling sweat
Dream will I forget
Actions I do regret
Erase then smear with shit
I flee from nothing there
Possessed by, if I care
Attempt to run away
Manage to burn and pray

I fall an endless pit
And loving every bit
Further that I go
Escape this Hell I know
Smashed down on 10 foot spikes
Shoved deeper with her might
I bleed cold in despair
Yet she don't fucking care

Lust Back to the top of the page.

Take my lust, heart, love, pain
Sin, abuse, force, gain

Sick in your eyes
This is love
Sensual heart
Boiling blood
Take the blade and
Cut me deep
All's determined
Watch me weep

I exist for copulation of your mind
Dirty thoughts for deviation of truth and lies
I exist for conformation of the beast inside
Fantasies from realities with me you'll find

Lick my tongue, jewel joy
Drench my affection
Rub my inner thoughts
Stimulate me
I crawl in desperation

Attack me beast, devour
Rape me on request
Fill my desire
Kiss every inch of my skin
Fulfill the emptiness within

Leave me obsessed
My fetish you are
Let my sweat drip upon you
I'll take the blame for my demise
Didn't say you were gonna lead me
Big surprise

Damage Inc. Back to the top of the page.

Dealing out the agony within
Charging hard and no one's gonna give in
Living on your knees, conformity
Or dying on your feet for honesty
Inbred, our bodies work as one
Bloody, but never cry submission
Following our instinct not a trend
Go against the grain until the end
Blood will follow blood
Dying time is here
Damage Incorporated
Slamming through, don't fuck with razorback
Stepping out? You'll feel our hell on your back
Blood follows blood and we make sure
Life ain't for you and we're the cure
Honesty is my only excuse
Try to rob us of it, but it's no use
Steamroller action crushing all
Victim is your name and you shall fall
Blood will follow blood
Dying time is here
Damage Incorporated
We chew and spit you out
We laugh, you scream and shout
All flee, with fear you run
You'll know just where we come from
Damage Incorporated
Damage jackals ripping right through you
Sight and smell of this, it gets me goin'
Know just how to get just what we want
Tear it from your soul in nightly hunt
Fuck it all and fucking no regrets
Never happy ending on these dark sets
All's fair for Damage Inc. you see
Step a little closer if you please
Blood will follow blood
Dying time is here
Damage Incorporated

Better Off Back to the top of the page.

I Pray Beg
Every ounce of faith
I bleed I burn
Ritualize. Please help me

I'm careful not to break
Tripped out of my mind

It's come to the point where you've lost me
I've got no more inside
It's come to the point where you've lost me
I've got no more inside

One simple thing is all I ask
Stop this why won't you sympathize

I've Suffered Long Enough Back to the top of the page.

I've changed - I've tired
To live the way you do
I've foreseen problems animosity enraging
Forward futures doomed in my eyes

I was raped of my mind
Control was never my possession
Guided like a puppet on a thread
That was ready, ready to break
Emotions stronger, stronger than ever before
Burning inside, my weakness counting the times
Repetition starving

I'm raging against time
Out of line I've had enough
I've suffered long enough
I'm wasting all my time
Out of line I've had enough
I've suffered long enough

Hey, if you hear me, listen to my words
I've taken just about everything
I'm through with being hurt

Solution Back to the top of the page.

It builds up inside
Intensity intensifies
Ready to explode
Contained within never not I

I shiver failing to hold it back
Drifting away
From conscience on my back
It's payback time
I'm punished for my life
Hurt by the stone
Cast by all I've ever met
Why must this happen all at once
Suffocate my mind
Why must this happen all at once
I feel, I feel I wanna

DIE! Go away!
I can't handle it
Surrendering inside
Peel away my skin
Ready to say goodbye

Pushing me pounding me all at once
Feel as if - as if I had a gun
I was told once before
I know I'd reach the end of forever
I know I got what's coming to me
Deserve the hell I'm in
Why must this happen all at once
I feel …I fell I wanna

Never Meant Back to the top of the page.

Demons among us - awake upon a
Heartfelt emotion - painful erosion

Obsessed beyond addiction no where to hide
The spiritual affliction the stupid kind
Decisions of the flesh prick morality remains imprisoned

Sacred injustice - ruled by the book
A black existence born by a fool

The former being
Has sewn it shut
We are divided
Is that enough

As the angels fail to sing
And the prayers fail to bring
They were never meant to hear
As I'm on my knees in fear

On My Goth Back to the top of the page.

I know I prefer to hurt
It seems to comfort me and burn
I never asked for it - question.
I never wanted it to end
I know that I die gracefully in vain
I know inside deteriorates in pain
You're such a part of me
I can't believe it's real
I crawl in my black box to hide
I welcome misery with pride
Take turns in whipping me I bleed
Enjoy the fantasy and greed
I know that I die gracefully in vain
I know inside deteriorates in pain
You're such a part of me
I can't believe it's real
Oh my Goth!
Subject to your world
Oh my Goth!
Take pleasure in my pain