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Adara ~ Noble, exhalted.
Adena ~ Noble.
Adi ~ Ornament.
Adira ~ Strong, mighty, powerful.
Ahavah ~ Love.
Alitzah ~ Happiness, joy, delight.
Aliyah ~ To ascend.
Amma ~ Servant.
Arela ~ Messenger, angel.
Astera ~ Star.
Betulah ~ Maiden, young woman.
Chashmona ~ Princess.
Chazona ~ A prophetess, a seer.
Chulda ~ A weasel.
Delilah ~ Delicate.
Devasha ~ Honey.
Efah ~ Darkness, gloom.
Galiah ~ Wave.
Gerushah ~ Exiled, sent away.
Gevirah ~ A queen, a lady.
Gina ~ Garden.
Jemima ~ Dove.
Karmil ~ Crimson, bright red.
Kelila ~ Crown, garland.
Kessem ~ Magic.
Kitra ~ Crown.
Leah ~ Weary.
Leilah ~ Dark beauty, dark as night.
Lilth ~ Spirit of the night; In myth, the first woman created by God, whom spurned Adam because she did not like him dominating her, she is said to have later become a demon.
Naamah ~ Sweetness, beautiful.
Neviah ~ Prophetess.
Sarai (Seh-ray?) ~ Quarrelsome.
Shira ~ Song.
Tzila ~ Shadow, shade, gloom.
Tzili ~ My shadow.
Zarah ~ Coming of dawn.
Zemira/Zemorah ~ Branch.
Zerlinda ~ Beautiful dawn.
Zila ~ Shadow.

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Agathe ~ Good, kind, honorable.
Agna ~ Pure, chaste, holy.
Alberta ~ Bright through nobility.
Alfreda ~ Elf counselor.
Amalia ~ Work.
Anastasia ~ "Of the resurrection."
Angelika ~ Heavenly, like an angel.
Anselma ~ Divine helmet; divine protection.
Asta ~ Love.
Astrid ~ Beautiful goddess.
Aveza ~ Bird.
Bathilda ~ Commanding battle maiden.
Birgit ~ Strength.
Burnhilde ~ Armored for battle.
Carla ~ Freeman, peasant.
Carmen ~ Vineyard, orchard.
Chloris ~ Pale green.
Constanze ~ Constant, steadfast, unchanging.
Cordula ~ Jewel of the sea.
Corona ~ Crown.
Dagmar ~ Splendid day (?).
Debra ~ A bee; a swarm of bees.
Diederike ~ Leader of the people.
Domino ~ A mistress.
Ebba ~ Strong as a wild boar.
Effemy ~ Fair speech; one who is well-spoken.
Elisa ~ "God is my oath."
Erika ~ Eternal ruler.
Ernesta ~ Resolute, earnest.
Ethel ~ Noble.
Eugenie ~ Well-born; born to nobility.
Felicie ~ Happy, lucky.
Flora ~ A flower. The Goddess of flowers and spring in Roman Mythology.
Geraldine ~ "To rule with the spear."
Gerda ~ Guarded, protected. A beautiful giantess in Norse Mythology who was the wife of Frey.
Gerta ~ Spear maiden.
Gisella ~ To owe; a mutual obligation.
Gustava ~ Staff of the Goths.
Hallie ~ Ruler of an army.
Harriet ~ Ruler of an enclosure; "home ruler."
Helga ~ Prosperous, successful.
Hilda ~ Battle, war.
Huette ~ Heart, mind, spirit.
Idona ~ Renewal.
Ingrid ~ Fair, beautiful.
Isolde ~ Ice.
Jennifer ~ Fair lady.
Korinna ~ "Little maiden."
Laura ~ Laurel; an evergreen tree or shrub whose leaves were woven into wreaths by the anciet Greeks to crown victors in various contests.
Leonarda ~ Brave as a lion, lionhearted.
Lilian ~ Lilly.
Lorelei (lohr-e-lye) ~ Siren, lurer to the rocks.
Lurette ~ Watcher of the rock.
Martina ~ War-like.
Mina ~ Resolute protector.
Nitsa ~ Peace.
Nixie ~ Water sprite.
Serilda ~ Armed maiden of war.
Siegfrida ~ "Powerful peace," "powerful protection," or "peaceful victory."
Sigrid ~ Beautiful victory.
Swanhilda ~ "Battle swan."
Tresa ~ The reaper.
Ulrike ~ Noble ruler.
Ursula ~ She-bear.
Veleda ~ A virgin and prophetess.
Verena ~ True.

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Alecto ~ A fury, one of the Three Fates.
Alida ~ Small winged one.
Audentia ~ Daring.
Cecilia ~ Blind.
Dissonantia ~ Discord, chaos.
Eryn ~ A Fury.
Estelle ~ Star.
Furia ~ Hell-hound.
Jinkx ~ A charm.
Lachesis ~ One of the Three Fates.
Lamia ~ Fairy.
Lena ~ Temptress.
Levana ~ Rising sun.
Luna ~ Moon.
Lunangela/Lunangelia ~ Moon angel.
Luscinia ~ Nightingale.
Necromantia ~ Necromancy.
Nerissa ~ Of the sea; Daughter of the sea.
Noxaura ~ Night wind.
Nymphamarina ~ Mermaid.
Parodia ~ Illusion.
Perdita ~ The lost.
Pricilla ~ Of ancient times.
Scylla ~ A sea-monster with the upper body of a woman and lower half of a serpent; daughter of Phorcus.
Sheila ~ Blind.
Silva ~ Woodland maid.
Solita ~ Alone.
Stiria ~ Icicle.
Tempesta ~ Storm.
Tisiphone ~ A Fury.
Trista ~ Sorrowful.
Umbra ~ Ghost.
Viverra ~ Ferret.
Veronica ~ True image.
Vesta ~ Guardian of the sacred fire.

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Asta ~ Star.
Atropos ~ One of the Three Fates.
Clotho ~ One of the Three Fates.
Cynthia ~ Moon.
Desdemona ~ Ill-fated one.
Echo ~ The name is borne in Greek mythology by a nymph whose unrequited love for Narcissus caused her to pine away until only her voice remained.
Elissa ~ Queen of Carthage.
Galatea ~ A sea nymph.
Ivy ~ Ivy plant.
Letha ~ Oblivion.
Lotus ~ Dreamlike, lotus flower.
Megaera ~ A Fury.
Melantha ~ Dark flower.
Melia ~ Nymph daughter of Oceanus.
Melina ~ Song.
Melinda ~ Gentle, dark.
Nerine ~ A mermaid, one from the sea.
Nerissa ~ Of the sea; Daughter of the sea.
Nona ~ One of the Three Fates.
Nyx ~ Night.
Parca ~ "One of the Fates."
Pearl ~ The precious rock pearl.
Rhea ~ Daughter of Heaven and Earth.
Selena ~ Moon.
Vanessa ~ Butterfly.
Venilia ~ A nymph.
Zora ~ Dawn.

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Adélaïde ~ Noble one.
Adrienne ~ Dark one.
Adora ~ Beloved.
Aida ~ Helper, aide.
Alette ~ Noble one.
Alexandra ~ Defender or helper of mankind.
Amarante ~ Unfading. In poetry, Amaranth is an imaginary flower that never fades and never dies.
Aurore ~ Dawn.
Belle ~ Beautiful, fair.
Blanche ~ Blank, white; pure.
Camille ~ A virgin of unblemished character.
Céleste ~ Celestial, heavenly.
Cendrine ~ Ashes.
Charlotte ~ Tiny and feminine.
Denise ~ "Of Dionysos." Dionysos was the God of wine and revelry in Greek Mythology.
Désirée ~ Desired.
Edith ~ Prosperous in war.
Esmée ~ Loved.
Evangeline ~ "Bringing good news," or "bringer of good news."
Faye ~ Fairy.
Gemma ~ Jewel, gem.
Hélène ~ Light.
Honoria ~ Honor, esteem, integrity.
Irènèe ~ Peace.
Isabelle ~ "God is my oath."
Jacqueline ~ Supplanted.
Justine ~ Just, lawful, fair.
Kalliroe ~ Beautiful stream.
Leala (leh-la) ~ Loyal one.
Léonie ~ Lion.
Liliane ~ Lily.
Marguerite ~ A pearl.
Marthe ~ Lady, mistress.
Mirabelle ~ Wondrous.
Muriel ~ Bright sea.
Myra ~ Quiet song.
Nadia ~ Hope.
Odette ~ Prosperity, riches, fortune.
Ophelie ~ Help, succor.
Rébecca ~ To tie, to bind.
Renée ~ Reborn, born again.
Rochelle ~ Little rock.
Séraphine ~ Burning ones.
Shantay ~ Enchanted.
Sybille ~ A fortuneteller, prophetess.
Valérie ~ To be strong, healthy.
Yvette ~ Archer.
Zuria ~ White and lovely.

Hindu/Indian Names Back to the top of the page.

Achala ~ Constant, unceasing.
Adhika ~ More, excess, extra.
Adhita ~ Scholar.
Aisha ~ Alive and well.
Ajalaa ~ The earth.
Ajeya ~ One who cannot be conquered; unbeatable.
Akhila ~ Whole, complete.
Amala ~ Clean, pure; hope.
Amarjaa ~ Eternal.
Amee ~ Nectar of the gods, nectar of immortality.
Amisha ~ Honest, forthright.
Amita ~ Endless.
Anala ~ Fire.
Anganaa ~ Beautiful woman, lovely.
Anima ~ Small, tiny.
Anita ~ Grace, mercy.
Anuka ~ Desirous.
Anupa ~ Unique, one of a kind.
Apsara ~ Celestial maiden.
Arvindaa ~ Lotus.
Asha ~ Wish, desire, hope.
Ashni ~ Lightning.
Aziza ~ Precious, beloved.
Azra ~ A virgin.
Bahaar ~ Spring, springtime.
Bakul ~ The name of a mythological flower.
Bano ~ Lady; bride.
Beeja ~ Origin, source.
Bibi ~ Lady, mistress of the house.
Chahna ~ Love, light, illumination.
Chaitali ~ Energetic.
Chameli ~ Borrowed from the Indian name of the jasmine flower.
Chandaa ~ The moon, shining.
Chandrakanta ~ "Beloved of the moon."
Chandrima ~ Moonlight.
Charita ~ One of good character.
Charumati ~ "One with wisdom and intelligence."
Damayanti ~ To seduce, one who subdues men through womanly attributes.
Dayaa ~ Compassion.
Devaki ~ Black.
Deval ~ Divine, godlike.
Devi ~ Divine.
Devika ~ "Little goddess."
Dhavala ~ White; pure white.
Divya ~ Radiant, brilliant, resplendent.
Dularee ~ Beloved daughter, cherished daughter.
Durga ~ Unattainable.
Ela ~ Intelligent woman.
Eshana ~ Search, desire, want, wish.
Evina ~ Life.
Gita ~ Song.
Gitanjali ~ "An offering of songs."
Gyanda ~ Knowledge.
Habiba ~ Dear, beloved.
Haima ~ Golden.
Halima ~ Gentle, patient.
Hamida ~ Thankful, praising.
Hanita ~ Divine grace.
Hansa ~ Swan.
Harsha ~ Joy, delight.
Hasika ~ Laughter.
Hasina ~ Beautiful, good.
Himani ~ Covered with snow.
Ilesha ~ "Lord of the earth."
Indira ~ Beauty, splendor.
Indranee ~ Wife of Indra. Indra is the name of the chief god of the sky and atmosphere.
Indu ~ Moon.
Isha ~ One who looks after; protector.
Ishana ~ Desire.
Jaamini ~ Night.
Jalajaa ~ A lotus.
Jalini ~ A water deweller.
Jamila ~ Beautiful, graceful.
Janikaa ~ A mother.
Jany ~ Fire, fiery.
Jaya ~ Victor.
Jena ~ Patience.
Jinnat ~ Heaven.
Jivanta ~ To give life, to create.
Kaamilee ~ Full of desire.
Kaanan ~ Forest.
Kaasu ~ Light, shine, luster.
Kailash ~ Name of a mountain in the Himalayas that is said to be the paradise of Shiva. The name is of uncertain meaning.
Kala ~ Black.
Kali ~ The black one. The name of the wife of Shiva in her fierce form, Ma Kali (Black Mother). She is said yo dance the cosmic dance, which unfolds on the plane of the human soul and is responsible for destroying those aspects of one's character that stand in the way of finding one's true self.
Kalita ~ Known.
Kalpana ~ Fantasy.
Kamala ~ Pale red; lotus.
Kamila ~ Perfect.
Kanta ~ Beautiful, desired, wanted.
Kanti ~ Beauty, loveliness.
Kanya ~ Virgin, young girl.
Karma ~ Fate, destiny.
Karuna ~ Mercy, compassion.
Kasturba ~ Musk.
Kerani ~ Sacred bells.
Kimaya ~ Divine, godly.
Kiri ~ From the name of the amaranth flower.
Komal ~ Delicate.
Kusuma ~ Flower.
Lajni ~ Shy, hesitant.
Laksha ~ White rose.
Lalita ~ Playful, charming.
Lata ~ Beautiful vine.
Madhavi ~ Honey.
Mahima ~ Greatness.
Manjika ~ Sweet sounding.
Maya ~ Illusion, fantasy.
Meena ~ Precious stone; fish.
Mehal ~ Rain.
Mohana ~ Enchanting.
Mona ~ Alone, single, quiet.
Monika ~ "Little quiet one."
Nadira ~ Rare, precious.
Nalini ~ Lotus.
Naresha ~ Lord of men, ruler of men.
Nasrin ~ Wild rose.
Nayana ~ One who has beautiful eyes.
Neeraja ~ Lotus flower.
Neha ~ Affectionate, loving.
Nimesha ~ Quick, fast.
Niranjana ~ Night of the full moon.
Nisha ~ Night.
Noor ~ Light.
Ojasvee ~ Luster, sheen, vitality.
Padmasundara ~ Beautiful lotus.
Padmavati ~ Lotus-like.
Panna ~ Emerald.
Parvani ~ Full moon, festival, celebration.
Radha ~ Prosperity, affection.
Rajani ~ The dark one, the night.
Rajnandini ~ Princess.
Ramaa ~ Beautiful.
Rana ~ Beautiful object that attracts attention.
Rani ~ Queen, sovereign.
Ranjana ~ Pleasing, to worship, to adore.
Rashida ~ To follow the right course; to do good in life.
Rati ~ Rest, pleasure.
Ravija ~ Born of the sun.
Riju ~ Pure, innocent.
Rita ~ Right, proper.
Roschan ~ Dawn of dawn, sunrise.
Saba ~ Morning.
Sachi ~ Speech, eloquence.
Safia ~ Best friend, confident.
Salila ~ Water.
Sandyha ~ Twilight.
Sanjana ~ Gentle, tolerant.
Saroja ~ Lotus.
Satyarupa ~ Truth.
Savita ~ Sun.
Sesha ~ Serpent who symbolizes time.
Shahina ~ Tender, soft.
Shanta ~ Calm, controlled.
Sharada ~ Mature.
Shashibala ~ Moon girl.
Sheela ~ Kind, of gentle character or nature.
Shikha ~ Flame.
Shirin ~ Charming, sweet.
Shona ~ Red, crimson, scarlet.
Shyama ~ Black, dark, beauty.
Tamanna ~ Desire, want, need.
Tamas ~ Night, darkness.
Tara ~ Star, planet, heavenly body.
Tarika ~ Star.
Toshala ~ One who satisfies.
Varsha ~ Rain.
Veera ~ Brave, powerful, strong.

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Ai ~ Love.
Aiko ~ Child of love, "love child."
Akina ~ Spring flower.
Ayame ~ Iris.
Ayameko ~ "Child of the iris."
Etsu ~ Delight.
Etsuko ~ Child of delight.
Gin ~ Silver.
Hamako ~ Child of the shore.
Hana ~ Bloom, blossom, flower.
Hanako ~ Flower child.
Haruko ~ Spring child.
Hisa ~ Enduring, lasting, sustaining.
Hoshi ~ Star.
Hoshiko ~ Child of the star.
Ishi ~ Stone. Name connotes a strong, dependable, enduring character.
Jin ~ Tenderness, gentleness.
Kagami ~ Mirror.
Kai ~ Forgiveness.
Katsu ~ Victorious.
Kazuko ~ Obedient child.
Kei ~ Rapture, reverence.
Kimi ~ Without equal.
Kinu ~ Silk.
Kinoko ~ Child of silk.
Kishiko ~ Child of the seashore.
Kohana ~ "Little flower."
Koneko ~ Kitten.
Kotori ~ Little bird.
Mai ~ Dance.
Michiko ~ Beautiful, wise.
Mika ~ New moon.
Miko ~ Priestess, literally translates to "beautiful child."
Mitsu ~ Light.
Miyo ~ Beautiful child.
Miyuki ~ "Silence of deep snow." Can often be indicative of a quiet, peaceful and serene character.
Mizuko ~ Water child. Often pertains to one of pure character.
Nariko ~ Thunder child.
Nezumi ~ Rat; mouse.
Ran ~ "Water lily." In Japan, the water lily is viewed as a symbol of purity.
Rei ~ Soul, spirit.
Ren ~ Water lily or lotus.
Sachi ~ Bliss.
Sachiko ~ Child of bliss.
Sakura ~ Cherry, cherry blossom. In Japan, the cherry blossom is viewed as a symbol of prosperity.
Shina ~ Faithful, loyal.
Tamako ~ Jewel child.
Tami ~ People.
Tamiko ~ People child.
Tanaka ~ Dweller.
Tori ~ Bird.
Tukiko ~ "Child of the moon."
Umiko ~ "Child of the sea."
Uta ~ Song, poem.
Yoshe ~ A beauty, lovely.
Yoshi ~ Good.
Yuki ~ Snow.
Yukiko ~ Snow child.
Yuri ~ Lily.

Russian Names Back to the top of the page.

Agnessa ~ Pure, chaste, sacred.
Albina ~ White.
Alina ~ Little noble one.
Amaliya ~ Industrious.
Anastasiya ~ Resurrection; of the resurrection.
Angelina ~ Angel; messenger of God.
Anna ~ Gracious, full of grace; mercy.
Diana ~ Divine.
Dora ~ Gift.
Duscha ~ Happy.
Ekaterina ~ Pure, unsullied.
Elvira ~ A borrowing from the Spanish, Elvira is a name of uncertain etymology. Many believe it may be of Gothic origin. "Amiable" or "friendly" are popular definitions of the name.
Evelina ~ Life.
Filikitata ~ Happiness, good fortune.
Kisa ~ Kitten.
Klementina ~ Mild; gentle, merciful.
Larisa ~ Cheerful.
Liliya ~ Lily.
Luiza ~ Famous in war.
Marina ~ Sea maiden; of the sea.
Mariya ~ Uncertain meaning, possibilities include: "sea of bitterness," "sea of sorrow," "rebellion," and "mistress or lady of the sea." This is the Russian form of the popular name "Mary."
Marta ~ Lady, mistress.
Matriona ~ A married woman or widow, a matron.
Melaniya ~ Black, dark.
Nika ~ Born on Sunday; also a pet form of the name, "Veronika."
Sasha ~ Defender or helper of mankind.
Shanna ~ A lily; a rose.
Sofiya ~ Wisdom; skill.
Sonya ~ Pet form of "Sofiya."
Stesha ~ Crowned-one.
Svetlana (sveht-lah-nah) ~ Star.
Tania/Tanya ~ Fairy queen.
Vera ~ Faith.
Veronica/Veronika ~ True image.
Violetta ~ A violet.
Vita ~ Life.

Italian Names Back to the top of the page.

Addolorata ~ Grieved, sorrowful.
Althaea ~ Healer, to heal.
Amara ~ Everlasting.
Aurelia ~ Golden.
Aurora ~ Dawn, daybreak, sunrise.
Benedetta ~ Blessed.
Bionda ~ Black.
Bona ~ Good, fair.
Brigida ~ Strength.
Calida ~ Beautiful.
Calligena ~ Beautiful daughter, daughter of beauty.
Callisto ~ "She that is most beautiful."
Camilla ~ "Virgin of unblemished character."
Cara ~ Beloved, dear.
Catarina ~ Pure, unsullied.
Celina ~ Heaven.
Chiara ~ Bright, clear; famous.
Clytie ~ "The splendid one." Name of a water nymph in Roman mythology.
Constantina ~ Constant, unchanging.
Cosima ~ Universe; order, harmony.
Drusilla ~ Strong.
Edvige ~ War, strife.
Elena ~ Light, torch; bright.
Elettra ~ Shining one.
Eliana ~ "Of the sun."
Evangelina ~ "Bringer of good news."
Fiammetta ~ "Little fiery one."
Fidelia ~ Faithful.
Filomena ~ "Lover of strength."
Fiorella ~ Flower.
Florentina ~ Blooming, flourishing.
Fortuna ~ Fate, chance, fortune. In Roman mythology, the name of the goddess of good fortune and happiness.
Ginevra ~ Fair lady.
Gioconda ~ Pleasure, delight.
Lucia ~ Light.
Regina ~ Queen.
Rosabella ~ Pretty, charming, beautiful, lovely.
Ruth ~ Companion, friend.
Serena ~ Serene; clear, calm; exalted.
Sirena ~ Siren.
Tessa ~ Countess.
Valentina ~ Strong, vigorous, powerful.
Viviana ~ Alive.

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Abbey/Abaigeal ~ Father of exaltation. 
Affrica ~ Pleasant.
Aghna/Agnes ~ Chaste, pure, sacred.
Aideen ~ Name of uncertain meaning.
Ailbhe ~ Believed to be derived from the Latin albus, which means "white."
Ailís ~ Nobility.
Aimilíona/Amelia/Amelina ~ Industrious.
Aingeal/Angela ~ Angel, messenger of God, guiding spirit.
Aisling/Aislinn/Ashling ~ Dream, vision, day-dream.
Alastrina ~ Defender or helper of mankind.
Alice ~ Noble one, nobility.
Alma ~ Good, loving.
Amanda ~ Lovable, worthy of being loved.
Anita ~ Gracious, full of grace.
Anna/Anne/Annette/Annie ~ Grace, full of grace, mercy.
Aoibh ~ Beauty.
Augusteen ~ Great, venerable.
Aveline ~ Meaning is uncertain.
Avril ~ April.
Barbara ~ Foreign woman.
Barran ~ Little top.
Beatha ~ Life, livelihood.
Bébhinn/Bevin ~ Sweet, melodious lady.
Berneen ~ Strong as a bear.
Beth ~ God is my oath.
Bidelia/Bidina ~ Strength.
Blath ~ Flower.
Brenda ~ The blade of a sword; sword wolf.
Caitríona ~ Pure.
Caoilfhionn/Catherine/Cathleen/Coelfinnia ~ Slender and fair.
Cecila ~ Blind, dim-sighted.
Chevonne ~ God is gracious.
Ciannait ~ Ancient.
Ciara ~ Black, dark; black-haired one.
Clare ~ Bright, clear, famous.
Colette ~ Victory of the people.
Cordelia ~ Daughter or jewel of the sea.
Damhnait/Devnet/Dymphna/Downett ~ Poet.
Dawn ~ Daybreak, dawn.
Deborah ~ A bee, a swarm of bees.
Deirdre ~ In legend, Deirdre was the name of an Irish princess who was betrothed to the king of Ulster, Conchobhar. However, the princess eloped to Scotland with her lover Naoise, who was then murdered by the king. Deirdre was said to have died from a broken heart. The name possibly means "young girl" or "fear."
Dervila/Dervla ~ Poet's daughter.
Doireann/Dorinnia/Dorren ~ Sullen.
Donelle/Donla ~ World ruler.
Doreen ~ Gift.
Éabha ~ Life.
Éadaoin/Étáin ~ Sun-goddess in Irish mythology, who was the lover of Midir, a fairy man.
Ealga ~ Noble.
Eavan ~ Beautiful, fair form.
Edana ~ Little fire.
Eileanór/Elaine/Elan/Eleanor ~ Light, torch, bright.
Eileen ~ Uncertain meaning.
Eimhear/Emer ~ Swift.
Eimile ~ Rival.
Eireen ~ Peace.
Elisa/Eliza/Elizabeth ~ God is my oath.
Eva/Eve/Eveleen ~ Life, beauty.
Faoiltiarna ~ Wolf lord, lord of the wolves.
Fina/Fíona ~ Fair, white, clear.
Flora ~ Flower.
Gemma ~ Gem, jewel.
Gloria ~ Glory.
Grace ~ Favor, kindness, mercy; elegance or beauty of form.
Grania ~ Grain-goddess. In Irish legend, the name belonged to the betrothed of the hero Finn MacCool, who eloped with Dermot, one of Finn's followers.
Helen ~ Light, torch, bright.
Ina ~ Chaste, pure, holy.
Irene ~ Peace.
Isabel ~ God is my oath.
Iseult ~ Of debated meaning, possibly "ruler of the ice" or "beautiful." In Medieval legend it was the name of an Irish princess who was to marry King Mark of Cornwall. Tristram was sent to get her, and, mistakenly drinking from a love potion that was meant for the king, they fell in love with each other.
Joan/Joanna ~ God is gracious.
Julia/Julie/Juliet ~ Youth, young.
Karen/Kate/Kathy/Katie/Kay ~ Pure, unsullied.
Keelin ~ Slender and fair.
Kerry ~ Black-haired one.
Laura ~ Laurel, an evergreen shrub or tree whose leaves were woven into wreaths by the ancient Greeks to crown victors in various contests.
Lelia/Lile/Lily ~ The lily flower.
Letitia ~ Gladness, happiness, joy.
Lucy ~ Light.
Máda ~ Powerful in battle.
Maggie/Margaret ~ A pearl.
Maille/Máire/Máiriá/Maria/Maureen ~ Debated meaning; Most likely means "sea of bitterness or sorrow," other possibilities include "mistress or lady of the sea" and "rebellion."
Mandy ~ Lovable.
Márta ~ Lady, mistress.
Martina ~ War-like.
Maude ~ Powerful in battle.
Maura ~ Dark-skinned.
Michelle ~ Who is like god?
Moina/Monat/Muadhnait ~ Little noble one.
Móirín/Mór/Moreen ~ Great.
Morrin ~ Long-haired.
Mugain ~ Slave. In Irish myth, it was the name of a Goddess.
Muirgheal/Muriel ~ Fair one of the sea.
Myrna ~ Affection, beloved.
Nessa ~ Chaste, pure.
Niamh ~ Bright.
Nicola ~ Victory of the people.
Noirin/Nora/Noreen/Norlene ~ Honor.
Odharnait/Ornat ~ Little green one.
Ohnicio ~ Honor.
Orla/Orlaith ~ Golden lady.
Pádraigín/Patricia ~ A patrician, an aristocrat, noble.
Peg/Peggy ~ A pearl.
Rathnait ~ Grace, prosperity.
Regina/Riona ~ Queen, queenly.
Renny ~ Little prosperous one.
Róis/Róisín/Rosaleen/Rose ~ A rose, the flower.
Ruth ~ Companion, friend.
Sabia/Sabina/Sadhbh/Saidhbhín/Sive ~ Goodness.
Sally/Sarah ~ Princess.
Sandra ~ Defender or helper of mankind.
Saraid ~ Excellent.
Sheila/Sisile ~ Blind, dim-sighted.
Siany/Slania/Slanie ~ Health.
Sophia ~ Wisdom, skill.
Sorcha ~ Bright, clear.
Susan/Susanna ~ Lily, rose.
Teresa ~ To reap, to gather in; strength.
Tigris ~ Tiger.
Treise ~ Strength. 
Unity ~ United, harmony.
Valerie ~ To be strong, healthy.
Vevila ~ Woman with melodious voice.
Vevina ~ Sweet lady.
Vivian/Vivienne ~ Alive.
Yvonna ~ Archer.
Zaira ~ Uncertain meaning.