My inspiration...

"We've seen our share of ups and down,
Oh how quickly life can turn around,
In an instant..."

Creed, "My Sacrifice"

A list of simple explanations of the things that have inspired various parts of this site and many other things in my life. Often there are things that continue to inspire me in everyday life, such as my friends and family... When my muse (and time) permit it.

The List of Names was created because I've had the hobby of collecting names and their meanings or origins for a few years now. Over time, some of the other role-players I know would ask me for help with names (or I would ask them), and we would trade lists and ideas. I finally decided to make the list available to anyone who may need to name their character, pet, or even their child. And you don't have to contact me personally or wait for me to hop online this way!

Mr. Sniggles was originally a name idea I had for a young ferret I got as a pet. "Sniggles" the word was a typing error between a friend and I once, and we brought it up every once in a while. Why on earth I thought Sniggles would be a good name for a ferret is beyond me. And my real life pet ferret unfortunately never got to have the interesting name -- instead his name is Dakota (as he had a previous owner and was just old enough to actually remember his name, so we could not change it). Mr. Sniggles the guard ferret was created when my boyfriend found a cute little ferret graphic and e-mailed me the .gif file. I had to find something to do with it since I liked it so well.

The lyrics section was created due to my love of music and my desire to know the words to the songs I liked to listen to. Simple enough.


Home (October 1, 2001) was written shortly after returning, well, home, after a lengthy vacation with a good friend. And things just didn't feel right. Sometimes I think things still don't feel right, but you never know... With those feelings, and being left to my own vices for several hours with a little quiet piano music I got to writing. The poem Home was the eventual outcome.

Bleeding Light (Feb 17, 2001) starts off rather dark, and, a friend of mine noted, it is one of my only poems that ends on a "lighter" note. Aside from various emotions, this poem was brought about from sitting in a dark room with only a few candles and music (have you noticed the pattern yet?) for company, and eventually watching the sunlight slowly begin to creep through the curtains at dawn. I wish I could give you some more in-depth or meaningful reason for this one, but there really isn't one aside from my imagination running wild that night and boredom.

Blind (date unknown) is still very awkward to me. Sometimes I'm not really sure what exactly brought it about, but two things that I'm sure influenced it are a creature from my nightmares and perhaps my boyfriend. Um... Don't take offense to that, said person.

Wanting (July 13, 2001) speaks for itself, for the most part. Perhaps it was an attempt at making sense of emotions that just refused to be cataloged and put away on the shelves in the back of my mind. Perhaps it has more significance than that. I don't really know anymore.

I'm Sorry (March 3, 2002) was inspired by simply observing my friends. They tell me I say "I'm sorry" too much and often say I have nothing to be sorry for. I typically feel I do have plenty to be sorry for - mostly, for my inability to help them in a way I deem valid. I feel like I never do enough for them, or can never repay the things they've done for me. So this one is for them.

Fade to Dreams (April 13, 2002) is what happens when a bad thunder storm wakes you at three something in the morning and you've only had a few hours of sleep, but you drag yourself out of bed because you're too distracted with thoughts of your significant other to actually fall asleep again... Not like that's a bad thing, really. All I can say on that one... Other than that I need normal dreams and more sleep.

No (October 22, 2002) is a poem I wrote because I was tired of how people often didn't seem to get what I was telling them, and I got tired of having to say it over and over and over again... So, here it is, in the most simplistic and blunt form. Anyone who's ever had the problem of someone pursuing an issue they'd already laid to rest will completely understand where I'm coming from... And that's what I'm counting on.

Dreams Unknown (March 26th, 2002) was written to express a few desires I knew I'd likely never act on. Sometimes, I still wonder why I lingered there so long, or why I never did it. I honestly don't have answers anymore... I just reflect on writings like this one when I try to figure it out.

Tyrant of Hatred (March 27th, 2002) goes to show that nothing inspires a human-being like anger, hate, self-loathing and pain. I have nothing more to say about this piece.

Trust Betrayed (July 9, 2002?) is a poem that anyone who has ever been betrayed by the one person they trusted and loved more than anything should understand perfectly.

Nothing Left (date unknown, possibly from July 2002) explains itself very well. I have no comment on this particular piece.

Nothing Now (July 11, 2002) was after-thoughts from Trust Betrayed.

You Should (April 29th, 2002) is a poem that I would rather not go into details about.


Deep Crimson was partially inspired by another piece of writing I've been working on, and also by... Well, simple feelings. I won't be explaining this piece any better, so don't hold your breath.