Recent Additions & Updates...

An archive of updates made between the dates of February 8th, 2001 and September 12th, 2002. The site started on Netscape, moved to Geocities, and eventually was moved to a domain of its own. I have kept this record for sentimental reasons and to merely reflect on the progress the site as made over the years. The most "recent" updates in this archive will be at the bottom of the page. The current list of updates can be viewed here. The links in this archive are out-dated and will lead you to the old Geocities page because they have not been updated.

February 8th, 2001
- I finally got the third chapter in Serena's story put up today. Unfortunately, I'm very disappointed with the chapter in general. I don't feel the writing went as smooth as it could have and alterations were made from the original version of the story. I believe the third chapter of Serena's Story to be one of the worst pieces of writing I have done, let's hope the fourth will turn out better. Speaking of the fourth chapter; I'm hoping to have it up sometime next week. I have a rough draft written, I only need to find the folder it's in and go over it (wish me luck)... As for the third chapter, worst part of the story this far or not? You decide.
February 10th, 2001
- Two new poems have been added to the poetry page. Read at your own risk.
February 11th, 2001
- Yet another new poem was added to the poetry page. Again, read at your own risk, it's completely different from anything else you'll find there, and I'm really not sure about it....
February 18th, 2001
- Once again, new material for the poetry section...
February 20th, 2001
- New material was added to the Kiss of Hades section on the poetry page. And, I'm hoping to start rewriting the fourth chapter of Serena's story later on today. Another character profile should be up soon as well...
March 7th, 2001
- Valek's profile is finally up. Serena's story will be delayed since I've decided to spend more time with my sketching and poetry. Apologies to anyone who was waiting on it.
April 26th, 2001
- There have been no updates for over a month, I'm aware of this, and I'm sorry if it's bothered any of you. Though, I have some news I would like to share with you... Right now I am in the process of trying to get a normal website designing program (i.e. something like Frontpage or Coffecup software), and when I do get the program, Shattered Dreams will be moving. Where? It's not decided yet, it could be as simple as Yahoo! Geocities, or it could be something much bigger and better. Anyway, due to the fact that the page will (hopefully) be moving, I most likely will not be updating it anytime soon. I will tell you when the move is done and leave the new address here. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have enjoyed the writing thus far.
July 18th, 2001
- New page(s) added containing lyrics for some of my favorite bands. Look for links to the bands' websites on the link page, which can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the section on the web mistress. New poem added also to the poetry page. As always, read at your own risk.
July 20th, 2001
- New lyric page up... and, WE MOVED! Welcome to the new Shattered Dreams. No major changes, except the page actually loads now when you try to load it, so... Everyone praise Geocities!

July 21rst, 2001
- First Update: Another new lyric page is up today. Nothing else major, yet. Might be one more lyric page up after this one before the day is done, depends on how I feel.
- Second update of today: Yes, the second lyric page is now up, look for the Razed in Black lyrics. Also, a warning and special marker (†) has been posted on the main lyric page to warn people of strong language or content. Please understand that we have the freedom to write about, sing about, preach about, etc., whatever we want. It's part of living in America. Don't blow some of these bands off because of that, give them a fair chance. I wouldn't post the lyrics here if they weren't worth looking into. Respect them for the fact that they dare to express themselves the way they feel best suits them.
- Third update: The guestbook has changed. I switched to Dreambook. If you had already signed once, it's no longer there, unfortunately. I would really appreciate if you would sign. again. Thank you!
- Fourth update: Mr. Sniggles. Everyone check out Mr. Sniggles. You can do so right here. Thank you, Chris, for the wonderful gift.
- Fifth update: The link page has been updated so it is now more organized and you will have an easier time finding specific links (such as music links). Hope it helps some.
- Sixth update: New lyrics have been posted to the Jack Off Jill section.

July 22nd

- First update: Another new lyrics page. Check for the Smashing Pumpkins section.
- Second update: More lyrics. Look for the Stabbing Westward lyrics.
- Third update: You guessed it, more lyrics. This page is quite a bit larger than the last two lyric updates, and it contains over 20 Inkubus Sukkubus songs right now, and I still have some Inkubus Sukkubus songs I haven't posted yet, so check back later.
- Fourth update: You can make it 40+ songs on the Inkubus Sukkubus page now. Enjoy.
- Fifth update: This is most likely the last update for today, as I'll probably be heading off to do a little gaming soon.... But, once again you shall sing the praise of the glory that is known as... Mr Sniggles. He now has friends! So you shall go visit them and I shall go reward my boi toy for being such a good boi toy and beg for more cute ferret graphics. Enjoy!

July 24th, 2001

- First update: New lyric page. Check out The Last Dance section. They have lyrics in other places on the site as well (a few main pages). So now you can get the lyrics for the whole song. Enjoy.
- Second update: The Link page once again was updated. I'm such a freak, it must be organized! *cough* ...Lord knows I'm not that much into organizing elsewhere... Anyway! It was changed slightly to make it easier to find links, and a special area for the online comics I read was added, and new links were also added. So check it out whenever you have a moment.

July 25th, 2001

- First update: More updates for the lyric page. So far one new section has been added. Be sure to check out Meredith Brooks' lyrics whenever you have a chance.
- Second update: More lyrics. You can check out the new Sheryl Crow lyrics here.

July 29th, 2001

- First update: We have a Message Board now! Feel free to post any comments or suggestions you have for the site there. But remember, keep it clean and be reasonable. I will NOT tolerate people acting like idiots on this board, so if you're posting just to cause trouble, you may want to give it a second thought. Also, you can share your stories and poetry with me now by posting to the message board! Enjoy.

July 30th, 2001

- First update: New short URL. You can now simply type in "" and it will redirect you to the page instead of showing that annoying message saying I haven't done anything with it yet.
- Second update: I posted the lyrics to King of Pain on the lyric page. There are two versions. They're slightly different from each other, but not much. Check them out if you have time.
- Third update: The lyric page now has some of Per Somnia's lyrics on it. Very good, little known band. Be sure to check them out. They have some music on
- Fourth update: I posted the lyrics I have for Uranium 235 on the lyric page. Unfortunately, this incredible band has split since their debut album. They'll be missed. Thanks for the music, U235... If only it could have ended differently...

July 31rst, 2001

- First update: I now have some Nine Inch Nails lyrics up on the lyric page. I'll hopefully be updating that page again later today to include more lyrics. For now, I am off to bed. Later!
- Second update: Songs 18 through 30 were just put up on the NIN page.

August 4th, 2001

- First update: 31 through 47 were just added to the Nine Inch Nails page. Sorry I haven't updated for a few days, I haven't been feeling too well, and other things have been distracting me. I may be taking a break for a few days, I may not. I've been considering some updates for all of the lyric pages, but we'll see how it goes... For now, I'm out of here.
- Second update: New poetry. You can view it here. I'm...not very happy with it, really, but it's not doing any good to sit around and be forgotten in my junk pile of floppy discs, so, here it is. Take it for what you will. Later.
- Third update: More poetry. Well, honestly, I can't really call it poetry, which is how it got it's name, sort of. It's more like fragments, random thoughts that I'd scribbled down back in May to help deal with a tough situation at the time. Anyway, you can view Fragments of a Shattered Dream and decide for yourself what you think of it...
- Fourth update: Yeah, you guessed it; more poetry. Sad little piece I discovered while looking through old files. It can be viewed here.

August 5th, 2001

- First update: ALL of the lyric pages have been updated slightly with alterations that hopefully will make them easier to navigate. Now, if you want to get back to the song listing at the top of the page, there is a little image next to each song title that you can click, and it will take you there without having to scroll up. As a side note... It's only 1:40 AM (I wonder if I should have put this under the "August 4th" updates...), though, I have a birthday party for my little cousin that I have to attend later today, so I probably won't be updating for today, but you never know... Later.

August 10th, 2001

- First update: No real updates yet, however I wanted to make note of something... I'm hoping to put up a section for names, as in, a list of names and their meanings, along with the language the name is from. I wanted to request that anyone who has a name they would like to see put on the list, e-mail me with the name, its meaning, and the language it originated from, and I'll see what I can do. Thanks, later.

August 11th, 2001

- First update: New image for the "opening page," curtesy of my buddy Poké! Everyone praise the Poké and give him lots of loving for being a good Psycho Hamster and contributing this wonderful .gif file to the site. Thank you, Poké! You can view the new image here. Enjoy. Oh, as a side note, I hope to at least have part of that name section up within the next view days, it's just going to be a lot of work to organize it all, so please be patient with me. Thank you.
Second update: I finally got around to fixing the broken link on Kitana's profile page, so you can actually view the sketch Alex did of her. Very talented artist, might I add, so his site is well worth checking out. Later.

August 15th, 2001

- First update: Slowly the name section is coming together, but it's still not available for viewing yet, however, I did get one new poem posted. You can view it here.

August 17th, 2001

- First update: The List of Names is now up and mostly finished. The languages that are available so far include: Hebrew, German, Latin, Greek, French, Hindu/Indian, Japanese, Russian and Italian. I hope to add more languages later. As for being mostly finished, the male and female lists are up, I just haven't got around to compiling the listing for unisex names yet, so... You'll just have to deal with what's there. Enjoy!

August 18th, 2001

- First update: Just a minor update to the Link Page, a new (although small) section has been added to it, along with a link to Elfwood, which is a wonderful site with TONS of amateur fantasy artwork. Enjoy!

August 27th, 2001

- First update: Well, no real updates, except a small change to the opening page (click here to view the title page)... So unless I get to something tonight, which is highly unlikely, there probably won't be any updates for about a month. I'll still check the message board, and may be online from time to time, but there are some matters in my personal life that I need to pay more attention to right now, so a 30 day break is in order. I hope you all understand. Oh, one quick question... How many of you would frequent or use a White-Wolf vampire page? I've been considering undertaking such a project, I just wanted to know how many people would be interested before I go through the trouble. Drop me a line and let me know. Thanks guys. Later.

September 12th, 2001

- First update: This isn't even a real update, I've simply decided to post the information for helping the situation with the victims of the World Trade Center Attack here. This is all the information you need to get in touch with the Red Cross and to find out how YOU can help make a difference. My deepest sympathy to all those who have lost a loved one in this horrible turn of events. Words can not express the anquish and sadness which most Americans, and their allies, must be feeling right now.

The Red Cross main site:
*If link doesn't work (too much traffic), then contact your local Red Cross Chapter:

To give blood: or call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE

Or to donate funds: or call 1-800-HELP-NOW

For additional information:

October 1rst, 2001

- First update: Well, I'm back home now, and like every other American, still getting over the shock of what happened at the Twin Towers. I'm also a little confused about all the bull shit the Taliban's been saying. First they claim they have no idea where Bin Laden is, next they do know where he is, AND they're helping him. Well, frankly, I'm sure you can guess how I feel about the Taliban right now, and this comic about them amused me so much that I'm going to post it here on the site for your viewing pleasure: Taliban Comic. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the best ideas I've heard so far... aside from simply bombing the assholes. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and send me your hate mail now any of you cowards whining about peace. The Taliban doesn't want peace, so I'm afraid peace just isn't going to work. Get over it. It's about time those jerks got what they deserve anyway.

October 2nd, 2001

- First update: Just a small update right now, one new poem for the poetry page... The new poem is Home, just click the link to view it. Later.
- Second update: New lyric page. I just posted the lyrics for The Crow Soundtrack. You should check it out, even if only for the songs "Burn" and "It Can't Rain All The Time" (which are the best songs on the album!). Enjoy.

October 3rd, 2001

- First update: Another new lyric page. This time it's Savage Garden lyrics. Highly recommended. So check 'em out!

October 20th, 2001

- First update: New lyrics on the Stabbing Westward section. Look for the song "Waking Up Beside You"... Highly recommended. And yes, I've been absent. Working on a second page, and I've had a lot to think about. Sorry it's such a small update, I'm trying to get back to the usual updates, but I'm just never in the mood anymore. Time, all I need is a little time... And some peace and quiet. Later.

November 12th, 2001

- First update: One new lyric page, look for the Centory lyrics that were just posted.

December 15th, 2001

- First update: Probably going to be the only update today, but you never know, seeing as it's still early. I finally got around to doing the coding for and posting the Irish names to the list of male names. So you have new names to browse next time you need 'em. Enjoy.
- Second update: So I was wrong... Compiled the list, finished the coding, and posted the Irish names for girls as well. Of course, that's under the list of names for girls.

December 26th, 2001

- First update: Decided to go ahead and put up a section on my inspirations, about my stories, poetry, characters and different parts of this site. Maybe it'll answer some questions people have asked me before... Maybe some of the answers are just answers I didn't have before. Catch you later...
- Second update: Yeah... two updates in one day. You can tell something is wrong... Anyway, just got the Creed lyrics posted to the lyric section. Enjoy.

January 9th, 2002

- First update: About six new songs were added to the Stabbing Westward section of the lyrics page. You can scroll up a bit and surely you'll find the link because I'm too lazy to hunt down the coding myself or type it all in. First update of the new year and it isn't even anything big. Ah well. Enjoy what you get, right?

January 22nd, 2002

- First update: Added all the rest of the songs I have to the Stabbing Westward page. That would have been finished the same night I added all those other ones if not for a huge problem with the computer. It took me a good while to get it all fixed, and then even longer for me to get myself back in the mood to work on the site. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know all the songs from the Darkest Days album should be up there now. Enjoy.

February 22nd, 2002

- First update: Well, exactly one month to the day for an update, hmm... nothing but a minor poetry update and an update to the inspirations page. You can view the new poem here.

March 3rd, 2002

- First update: One new poem posted, and I'm going to update the inspirations page for it as well. You can view the new poem here, and I'm sure you know where to find the inspirations page otherwise. Later.

March 25th, 2002

- First update: New songs were added to the Tapping the Vein section for lyrics. You can view those updates here.
- Second update: One new poem, Hopeless Innocence. Nothing else for today, most likely. In need of sleep...

April 6th, 2002

- First update: One new poem, Bleed... Nothing else, and there most likely won't be tonight. I'm too tired and depressed right now to bother with anything else. *sigh*

April 7th, 2002

- First update: Just posted a new lyric page for the band Collide, you can view the new lyric page here. Hopefully I'll be able to post at least one more lyric page tonight, but, I'm not certain yet. Keep your fingers crossed, I'm hoping to get back into updating more often (I know I keep saying this, but, things keep distracting me, so just keep your fingers crossed. ^_^ )
- Second update: The lyric section has gotten a small make-over, stop by and check it out. Hopefully things will be a little easier to find now.

April 8th, 2002

- First update: Another new lyric page, this time for Linkin Park. You can view the new lyric page here. Enjoy!
- Second update: More lyrics! Yes, more lyrics! This time it's lyrics for the band The Endparty, which is a nice project the guy from Sunless does. It has a more electronic sound, and typically a faster pace. You can view the new lyric page here.

April 9th, 2002

- First update: I just posted the lyrics for the band Diva Destruction in the lyric section, and you can check them out here. Good band, they were featured on Disc One of "The Unquiet Grave 2000" with their song "The Broken Ones"... However, their song "Enslaved" is even better than that one, I think. *shrug* Anyway, they're worth checking out, and they have two mp3's available at, just go to
- Second update: More lyrics, this time stuff from the Queen of the Damned movie. Can find the songs Jonathan Davis wrote right here. Good music. Made the movie worth seeing.

April 10th, 2002

- First update: New lyrics posted, this time for the band Objective Reality. You can view the new lyrics right here. And no, I do not support the use of drugs, and neither does the band. Go to for mp3's and the stories behind their songs. More power to the band for their song "Innocence (DXM)"...

April 11th, 2002

- First update: Just posted the lyrics for a few Garbage songs, and you can view those right here. Personal pick, "The World is Not Enough"... Enjoy the lyrics.

April 12th, 2002

- First update: One new, very short story. Deep Crimson...

April 13th, 2002

- First update: One new poem was added, and for once, it's not the usual completely depressing junk I normally write, finally something more... mellow. S'for my special someone, I suppose. They were on my mind. Ah, the things that happen when you wake at three in the morning to the sound of rain after really weird dreams, hm? Anyway, you can go read Fade to Dreams now.
- Second update: Went ahead and actually (I know I haven't lately -- because I haven't felt like explaining half the things I've posted) updated the Inspirations page accordingly. Now, I skitter off to torment someone.

April 17th, 2002

- First update: Um, happened a day or two ago and I completely forgot to mention it here... We have frames now! Praise the frames! Looks okay, right? Revamping a few main page intros too. Me-ow. Later.

May 25th, 2002

- First update: One new poem added. It rather sucks but it sure as hell expresses my view point on some recent happenings around here, so, I'm posting it anyway. Don't like it? Too bad. You can read the new piece of junk, Death & Greed whenever you have a free moment. Later.

July 25th, 2002

- First update: The background image for the menus has changed, and under 'The Mistress' a new section for photographs has been added. You can check out the new section here. That's all for now.

August 9th, 2002

- First update: Updated font/link colors. No real major changes, but figured I'd make note of it for those of you curious.

August 10th, 2002

- First update: Added a completely new section under The Mistress area, called My Moogles. If you're a Final Fantasy fan (especially 7, but who doesn't like 7? Whoever doesn't is a nutcase), you know what I'm talking about.

September 12th, 2002

- First update: New lyric page finally added. Go check out the Kidneythieves lyrics that were just posted. Enjoy.