Alternate Projects...

"You give me the reason..."
Nine Inch Nails, "Sin"

As it is known to a few friends of mine, I often end up distracted by minor side-projects, as I actually have been for the last week or so at this time. I finally decided it was time to make them known, more so than they currently are. So below you'll find a simple list of projects and, if it applies, a link to the project, for your amusement. Feel free to contact me or leave me comments, questions or suggestions on the message board.

Vampire: The Masquerade

Description: This is just a simple page I'm still working on. Right now it only has the two major sects in the game posted, with all their clans and bloodlines. I'll be adding the independent clans soon and also hope to include some other things from the game (maybe Disciplines or something else, I'm not really sure... So I'm open to suggestions! *hinthint*) It was really designed, in the beginning, to simply help a friend who was involved in an online chronicle with me, yet didn't have all the books I do. Strange how some projects start small and end up being so much more than you planned...

Vampire History

Description: Just another vampire site I was working on before the clan/bloodline page itself came about This site started when I typed up the Baali history for a friend who was curious about them, as I personally find them to be a fascinating bloodline. The site has history posted on it from some of the older clan books and it IS approved by White Wolf Inc. So far the Baali, Toreador, Cappadocians and Tzimisce have pages posted there. I need to get more clan books (preferably the old ones because I do not care for the setup used in the new ones) before I can post more stuff. I'm also considering simply combining the two vampire sites, somehow, but I'm not completely sure that's what I want to do. So... We shall see... Any comments or suggestions on that thought?

Notice: I have no other major projects (worth noting), at this time, that does not however mean that I'm not willing to consider ideas, so drop me a line if you have suggestions or ideas you'd like to see someone try. Many of my interests are listed somewhere on this site, and if it's something I am already involved with (especially heavy involvement -- i.e. my role-playing and similar interests) it likely won't hurt to ask if you really want to see something done with it.