Deep Crimson...

"Cut deep, cut deep..."

The words came as a soft, faltering whisper to my ears, and I looked to her face. She wore a smile, even though she cried. I wondered vaguely just how many times I'd seen her like that; smiling and crying, and then I wondered, did she smile only because I watched her?

She whispered again, watching my eyes as my hand trembled, I was afraid, but I knew I could never deny her, "Please? Please Tristan?"

I placed my hand on hers, studying her pale skin for a moment. She seemed so fragile, and anymore, she was. The slightest touch and her sanity seemed to crumble at times...

"I... You know I don't like that," I murmured, almost too quietly for her to hear.

She frowned at me, curling her slender fingers around my hand and holding onto it gently as she watched me. Another tear fell from her lashes, I sighed. Seeing her like this hurt, I never knew what to do, other than what she asked me to, but this time felt different, felt wrong. The look she gave me, Gods, those tear-filled eyes, I couldn't refuse her.

I took her hand in mine again, holding it so her palm faced upward, and before all else, I leaned down to gently kiss the skin that would all too soon be stained crimson. It only made her cry more, I frowned.

"You're sure it's what you want? Absolutely positive?" I looked towards her eyes, from her palm, studying her features. She was a beautiful girl, with long black hair just a few inches past her shoulders, and a slender, delicate face, with full lips, and pale gray-blue eyes.

She nodded her head at me, and her gaze fell to her hand. She wasn't afraid, but I was. I reached down, carefully moving the well sharpened blade against her skin, and then her voice came to me again, trembling.

"Cut deep..."

I closed my eyes, and did as she said. She never even tried to pull away, never cried out at the pain, her breathing patterns didn't even change, only the tears, the tears came more easily to her now. I could feel her blood flowing down over my hand, the hand that held hers.

I dropped the knife, then, when I heard her whisper once more.

"I love you..."